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Info Contoured Bush bearing

• The specially contoured bearings are designed to ensure optimal positioning of the loco wheels and not only clean running, but also allows maximum power transfer without RFI. Only this technology allows continuous operation at constant Voltage.

• The contoured bush bearings have their speciality for each scale, but all manufacturers offer approx. 0.85 mm contact or current contact (similar to the brushes in a DC motor).

• The bearings are made to an accuracy of 50 µm.

• In contrast to ball bearing drive wheels with traction tires are not damaged due to the special shape of the bearings.

• The contoured bearings have a bore twist similar to a rifle barrel - thus deposits are always pushed out from the steel shaft.

• With short use the bush bearing is maintenance free, with continuous running at high speed, the outside of the bearing needs some oil (be sure to use a clean oil, for example firearms or sewing machine oil. Absolutely no acidic or resinous oil should be used).

• A special feature of my bearing technology is the ease of dismantling in that the axels can be quickly and easily unclipped for cleaning. Thus, both the bearing and the stainless steel pin can always be kept perfectly clean.


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