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Technical Information

Roller Test Stand with Contoured Bush Bearing Technology


1. All connecting parts are made of indestructible plastic POM

2. The guide rods and centre conductors are made of sturdy solid stainless steel V2A

3. The dolly axles are made of special surface-hardened steel

4. The contoured precision bearings are made of special brass

Technical Description:

1. Optimal transfer of the supply voltage to the model railway (2-4 ohms to the locomotive in operation)

2. Through perfect contact with the wheel no contact sparks arise (RFI)

3. Simulation of the ideal straight line without encoder transmission losses

4. Perfect fit of the wheel by the use of contoured bearings

5. Connection to the power supply of stripped wire ends with clip connectors eliminates unnecessary resistance

6. Easy handling due to free positioning of dollies

7. The base frame is a combination of multiple gauges resulting in test stands for (Z) (N + TT + H0) (0 +1 + LGB)

8. No damage to the wheel rims even with longer running times

9. Maintenance-free operation and easy cleaning with soap and water

10. The bearings are quickly and easy unclipped to clean in an ultrasonic bath or in alcohol, to restore a perfect power transfer and running ability.

Technical remarks:

1. Minimalist look with maximum function. Discreet components for maintenance, repair, test runs and display stand

2. Highest manufacturing quality of all components (tolerance 0.01) by CNC machining centres and 7-axis lathes

3. All finishing work is carried out personally by Mrs. Zeller

Technical differences from other roller test stands

Other test stands use ball bearings, develop power transfer problems after a short time.

1. The hardened bearing runs against the flange and even with minimal running leaves marks on the flange.

2.Even so the contact is bad because the ball bearing is flat but the wheel is made conical. Rapid re-railing and aligning of the locomotive is only possible with this design